I have found an event of Bon Practice (お盆) and Bon Dance (盆踊り) in California. It'll be held in the Sacramento Buddhist Church from this week to next week.

     In short, Bon is one of Buddhist Festival. Bon means the period during which the spirit of the ancestor returns to its descendants and families once a year. In China, the priod is called Guijie (鬼節), The Japanese call it Obon (お盆)

          In Japanese customs, at the beginning of the period, we make a bonfire (迎え火Mukaebi), greet the spirit of our ancestors, and hold the memorial service for it. At the end of the period, we make a bonfire (送り火Okulibi) and see them to heaven. Today, many Japanese go to the tombs of their ancestors, set candles, and put flowers and sweets in Obon.

     By the way, It is not far from here to the Sacramento Buddhist Church where the Japanese American will hold the Bon events.It takes about 1.5 hours to drive to there. I haven't been to Sacramento, so I wanna go to see an Japanese Americans' Bon Odori on this occasion.

Buddhist Church of Sacramento

Study on the Bon Dance in the United States